Worship is Not…

Worship is not songs and worship is not instruments and it’s not dancing and it’s not painting; all of those things are expressions of worship. But worship, just simply defined, is this relationship, this connection that we have with Jesus. It is all about a relationship, it is all about a connection to Him and to His presence. In worship it is Him pouring out His presence and His Spirit on us and His love on us and us in turn responding with love that we pour back out on Him; it’s this never ending cycle happening. And to be full is not to the rim; to be full is to be overflowing, and to be overflowing there’s gotta be a constant pouring in and a constant flowing out.

Kim Walker



Jobs and Careers: What’s the deal?

I have been unemployed for approximately one week and one day and it is so weird. I had NO IDEA that looking for a job would be so hard; maybe it’s because I’m being picky with what I want but still, come on!

I used to work as an office clerk and it was okay, they pay was fine and the environment was very laid back. But now that I’m trying to look for something else I have no idea what to look for. Do I want to work in retail, as a bank teller, Bath and Body Works? I don’t know, and honestly not knowing what I want to do right at this moment gets me mad; but what bothers me the most is the fact that I have my career planned out, I’m studying and taking classes towards having a career as a photojournalist but I cant find a decent job.

I thought that once you had your career planned out it would easy to find a job. Turns out I was wrong. I have experience in filing, being a receptionist, talking to interviewees, even doing payroll, but NO experience whatsoever in being a journalist. I wish there could be plenty of job openings as beginning journalists as there are openings for cashiers at Forever 21.

Maybe it’s because I’m new at this whole “job hunting” thing, but I sure hope my next job could get me closer to my career and not drag me away slowly from it.