Han and Tauntaun

What temperature is it inside a Tauntaun? ‘Luke’warm! Hyuk hyuk hyuk!

Now that I got that bad geeky joke out of the way, I can get to the point. Most Bible reading Christians probably look at the title of this article (Lukewarm), and recall seeing verses that talk about being cold or hot.

The verses you are most likely thinking about are found in Revelation. In part of Revelation we hear about seven stars that are the angels of the seven churches, and seven lampstands that are the seven churches. One of those churches is Laodicea. In that part of Revelation are the verses about lukewarm that you are probably thinking of.

This article isn’t going to study Revelation very much, but I highly encourage you to do so in your small groups, Bible studies, personal time, churches, book reading, prayer time etc. What this article will discuss (using…

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